It is the smart solution that, through light and colors and in real time, communicates what is happening at home, or alerts you through smartphone notifications when you are not in. It can be also controlled in person, with simple touchless gestures.


How it works

The future in your hands

Connect DiCE SMART to D · ENERGY and start viewing your consumption in real time.

Create your smart home by connecting smart plugs to your appliances and ask DiCE SMART to control them. DiCE SMART will notify you of your consumption level through its yellow-to-red fade color scale, then flashing; in that case, it will automatically turn off the most energy-hungry appliances.

If you also want to control your wireless light bulbs, connect them to DiCE SMART and control them directly with the device through gestures or remotely through the DiCEhome app.

The DiCE SMART system

The innovation in 5 steps


In just a few gestures, a revolution

With a touchless gesture, you can activate the “Aurora”, “Atmosfera” and “Consumi” functions, choose the colors that best match your mood, change the light intensity and transmit this information to all your smart sensors, such as plugs and light bulbs.

DiCEhome App

Your smart home at your fingertips

With the DiCEhome app you can activate your DiCE SMART, control it remotely and activate all the additional functions. Download the app and monitor your consumption and your home even remotely.


More help for a smarter life

DiCE SMART is compatible with Zigbee devices and works as a hub, allowing you to control each single associated device directly via gestures or remotely via the DiCEhome app.

The Zigbee devices have many advantages compared to the WiFi ones:

  • Lower latency of remote control;
  • Higher network security;
  • No WiFi network overload.

In addition to this, DiCE SMART connects to your home network via Wi-Fi and uses radio frequencies to communicate with your electricity meter through the D · ENERGY sensor.

What you find in the pack

The starter pack to change your world


The bundles for your smart home

Technical data


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It only takes a few simple steps to monitor your consumption, find out how!