ENERGY PACK is the ready-made solution that detects, checks, and manages the consumption levels in real-time, simple, and innovative way. It communicates through lights and colors and via the app. 

Ask DiCE SMART to keep your home under control: just connect the D · ENERGY sensor to DiCE SMART via the app, apply it to the meter, and in a few minutes you can easily monitor your consumption. Improve your habits and avoid waste with ENERGY PACK.

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The ready-made solution for those who are ready for the smart home


Do you want to understand how DiCE SMART with ENERGY PACK works?

App per gestire consumi elettrici con DiCE SMART

DiCEhome app

DiCE SMART, hub per gestire i consumi elettrici di casa

DiCE SMART device

Sensore D-ENERGY per gestire i consumi elettrici con il dispositivo DiCE SMART

D·ENERGY sensor

ENERGY PACK is the ready solution for those who want to immediately start transforming their home into a smart home in a simple and immediate way. ENERGY PACK contains the DiCE SMART device, which collects the data read by the D-ENERGY sensor installed on the electricity meter. The guided activation procedure is easy: download the DiCEhome app on your smartphone, add D-ENERGY through app and associate it with DiCE SMART; D-ENERGY on the electricity meter. Now you can check your consumption from the app or directly from the colors of DiCE.

App Store, download app DiCEhome Google Play, download app DiCEhome

La app per gestire consumi elettrici ed elettrodomestici con il dispositivo IoT DiCE SMART

Really smart, isn’t it?

Are you worried that DiCE SMART is complicated for your family or for you? Not at all! You just have to learn a few simple gestures to easily manage your consumption, your wireless bulbs and your appliances equipped with smart plugs. If you are away from home, do everything via the app.

Hub DiCE SMART e sensore D·ENERGY per monitorare i consumi elettrici di casa

DiCE SMART transforms your home into a smart home, communicates with you with colors and can be controlled with simple gestures or remotely via the app. Connect DiCE SMART to the electricity meter thanks to the D · ENERGY sensor, manage your consumption and avoid wasting energy!


Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, 868 MHz, Zigbee

DiCE SMART is compatible with a wide range of devices dedicated to the smart home, and is built using eco-sustainability criteria and respect for the environment.

 DiCE SMART power supply: via main adapter AC/DC: Input 100-240V~50/60Hz, Output 5V2.1Amax 10.5W.
D·ENERGYpower supply:
2×1,5V  AA.

All technical information is given inside the package in the relevant user manual. The images inserted are for illustrative purposes only.