Is everything fine at home?

Everything is fine at home

With DiCE CARE you always know what’s going on at home. Wherever you are


Do your elderly parents live alone? Are you worried about it? Are they often with their grandchildren, at your/their home, or on holidays and you’d love to be calm and quiet?

From today, with DiCE CARE, the device to control the household activities of the elderly, you have a new way to stay close to those who have always been close to you: with DiCE CARE you manage all your commitments in peace and, at the same time, you are on your loved ones’ side, because the app notifies you in real time of anomalies in their domestic routine. Wherever you are. With DiCE CARE it’s a bit like being at home while you are away.

DiCE CARE is a constant, discrete and non-invasive domestic presence. Designed and produced in Italy by DiCEworld it fully respects privacy because it is not to be applied to the walls, worn or carried around.


DiCE CARE remembers the routine of your loved ones and notifies you with a notification when their household activities begin and end, and if everything goes as usual. You can check, for example, if the meal time remains the same or if it changes.


DiCE CARE with a notification, informs you if there is a change in the daily routine at home: if the wake-up time is postponed or brought forward; if the usual activities are not perfomed or if something not scheduled is done during the night or at a given time.


DiCE CARE allows you to remind your loved ones of actions to be performed at a certain time; commitments, such as picking up grandchildren from school, a party at the senior center or an errand to run. Everything with absolute precision.

Dispositivo IoT DiCE CARE e app per controllo attività domestiche degli anziani

You can even use DiCE CARE as a device to monitor the second home, with or without grandparents. In the first case, you can check whether the household activities of your loved ones are proceeding as usual. In the second case, you will get to know if everything is fine or there are anomalies, so you will have time to intervene.
DiCE CARE keeps everything under control for you. You just have to read the notifications. It’s simple, isn’t it?

DiCE CARE is pure serenity

Picture yourself into these scenarios. Wouldn’t you be seren as well?

DiCE CARE dispositivo IoT controllo attività domestiche anziani

Early morning: you need to get in touch with your parents 

You get up and, whiles in the general chaos of the entire family, you must call your parents to ask them how their night was. With DiCE CARE, on the other hand, you open your eyes and immediately read that the night passed quietly. You can call your parents with no rush while driving to work.

DiCE CARE dispositivo IoT controllo attività domestiche anziani da remoto

You call and nobody answers

After ten rings you hang up. You look at the app and you see that everything is normal and that your mom is not at home. Today is Wednesday and it’s the Burraco Day with friends! Don’t you immediately calm down?

DiCE CARE dispositivo IoT controllo attività domestiche della famiglia da remoto

You are at work, and your children are at home to study 

You are at work and remember that your children have to study for a test after training. How do you know where they are, since they don’t answer the phone? You look at the app and see that they are home. You can focus on your job.

DiCE CARE is pure serenity because it makes life easier for the whole family. Stop bothering your parents with the usual questions: what time did you get up? And when did you go to bed? Did you go out in the rain? Just look at the app and you will know everything instantly! As simple as that: you won’t be the “boring son” anymore, and they won’t be just “the elderly parents”. Each check will be done on a specific parameter and won’t be annoying, so your relationship will improve.

Find out how DiCE CARE works

App DiCE CARE per il controllo da remoto delle attività domestiche di anziani e famiglia


Dispositivo IoT DiCE CARE per il controllo da remoto delle attività domestiche di anziani e famiglia

DiCE CARE device

Using the DiCE CARE device to monitor the home activities of your loved ones is very easy. Place DiCE CARE in your parents’ home, wherever it can be reached by the Wi-Fi connection; install the app and configure DiCE CARE using the guided procedure. In a few minutes, you can start using DiCE CARE, monitor the activities of your loved ones day by day, check them and set reminders.


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App di DiCE CARE, dispositivo per il controllo da remoto delle attività domestiche di anziani e della famiglia

Thanks to the data collected by the reader, DiCE CARE via app notifies you whether everything is running as usual at your loved one’s home; if they have lunch and go out as usual and if they are sleeping at night or not. In case the routine changes, the app will warn you.

That’s brilliant, isn’t it?

Are you afraid that your loved ones will feel spied on, or, on the contrary, too old to use DiCE CARE? No need to worry about it, because DiCE CARE does not spy on anyone. It respects privacy, does not require the use of bracelets and cameras nor interactions. The only action required is to touch the device to turn it off, if you activate the reminder function.

Ready to buy?

DiCE CARE is not available yet, but if you subscribe to our news you know the launch date in advance!

DiCE CARE pack, dispositivo per il controllo da remoto delle attività domestiche di anziani e famiglia con sensore D-Energy

Interested in DiCE CARE but with no commitment? No problem.

If you have doubts or need additional information send us a message. We’re here for you.

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DiCE CARE: reduce the distance, increase your serenity