DiCEworld is an independent company founded in 2018 as a startup in Milan by Alessandro Bertacchi and Matteo Acerbis, with the aim of being the first Italian company specializing in the development and production of 100% Made in Italy IoT systems for the smart home.

After two years of research and development, DiCEworld turns into a SME with all its properties and production sites located in Italy.

In January 2020 DiCEworld was one of the 50 Italian startups taking part to the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, one of the most important World Trade Fairs dedicated to consumer electronics, to present the innovative DiCE technology hub.

Awarded among the 10 best Human Interface companies of the year for the innovative and unique user experience of its DiCE SMART system, it received the official compliments of the Minister for Technological Innovation, who indicated DiCE as the solution for the 4.0 family.

The device, entirely designed in Italy, checks the parameters of your smart home and its sensors, translating them into color and light variation.

The company has now 15 employees. Both the Research & Development site and the Production site are located in Italy.



We believe in the creativity of the pure Italian design, where beauty serves functionality and functionality makes beauty stand out.


We believe in a new IoT language where light, gestures and colors play the main role, because the true connection does not need words.


We believe in Intelligence sensitive to the environment, where technology is the tool to reduce onsumption and improve habits, producing positive effects on the planet and on us.


DiCE represents for me
the combination of design,
technology and ethics




Our design

Designed by architect and designer Marco Acerbis to perfectly adapt to the shape and gestures of the hand, the DiCE device was also nominated for the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award in 2018.

Thanks to its simple and revolutionary language based on light and colors, it represents the perfect compound of Italian design, pure beauty and high technology.

Our awards

Nominated for
Compasso D’Oro

Human Interface
Product of the Year
Las Vegas 2020